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Trimming your hedges regularly

Trimming your hedges regularly

Although in most gardens hedges take up a huge amount of space, they are often forgotten about. It is easy to put off trimming the hedges however, they can very quickly get out of control. Not only does this look messy, but the longer it is left, the harder and more expensive it becomes to tackle. Hedges look much neater from more regular trims to keep them in check and also encourage a strong, dense and healthy growth (beech being the exception- biannual pruning). As well as this, the surrounding environment becomes much easier to get at, and weeds, self-seeding trees or brambles can be taken care of much more quickly and easily.

If you have let your hedges get overgrown, or just need a hand in keeping them maintained regularly, we can give you a free quote at 0161 429 0600.

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