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Greater Manchester Truckyard Project

Collins Landscapes Ltd were fortunate enough to be able to work alongside a local haulage company, looking at options for a large area of wasteland along the perimeter of their site. Initial plans were to keep maintenance at a minimum, maximize the space for future containers and to keep construction simple. The existing option was to put a crushed stone along the entire perimeter and keep it weed sprayed as and when necessary. We came in and provided an alternative quote to instead, dress the perimeter with topsoil and spread an amenity lawn seed to be kept as a grass verge. Where practicable, to insert a hedgerow (for added screening and security to the site), and to look at a long-term maintenance program. The cost benefit analysis of both options weighed heavily in our favor, and works was completed at the back end of May.

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Why does this benefit the site?

By breaking up the built-up area with a large green space it reduces the Urban Heat Island effect within the grounds. Many of the pollutants within the grounds can be mitigated and absorbed in the soil and hedgerow and by keeping the area easily maintainable by mechanical means reduces the need for weedkillers. There are ongoing studies showing signs that letting nature in can improve mental wellbeing and mood, and by keeping the area more open with lawns, reduces ASB in the form of litter and fly tipping.

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