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Memorial Allotments Middleton

Collins Landscapes Ltd operatives were busy last week preparing an area of wasteland in Middleton to be converted into an allotment for a local charity. After clearing away all the overgrowth the team rotovated the land to allow for planting new crops that can be used to provide food for local veterans.

Winter Pressure Washing Manchester

Team have just completed a major clean-up of the block paving around commercial offices in Trafford. Our mobile water bowser enabled us to get in close and clear the dirt from the block paving around the site with minimal disruption to the employees of the offices. It was amazing to be able to see just how much muddy water was cleared from the pathways. A job well done!

Spring Construction of Outdoor Garden Area at Local School

We met with teachers and a class of primary school children to discuss what they wanted for the area directly outside their classroom window. They looked out onto just a green field, so this project helped create different areas that will be used for different things through the year. It includes a raised vegetable garden, a woodchip pathway surrounded by recycled tyre planters and a line of fruit trees which will soon be in blossom. For the remainder of the school year the group can add new projects and ideas to the garden area, which can be used to teach the kids about wildlife, growing plants, the importance of recycling and about getting fresh air. More importantly though, it has given the class a space within the playground that is theirs, and that in years gone by they can say that they helped to design and look after it for future generations.

Responsible disposal of waste December 2018

Any company that transports other peoples waste as part of their trade must be registered as a waste carrier with the Environment Agency. This helps regulate the waste that is taken for composting and ensures that all waste collected from sites is disposed of ethically and responsibly. To ensure that the organisation you are using is a certified waste carrier you can do the following: • Ask to see their waste carrier registration number • Check on the environment agency website by typing the company name in the quick check box. Here at Collins Landscapes Ltd we ensure all our teams dispose of arising green waste ethically and responsibly. We are an Upper Tier Carrier registration number CBDU156818, meaning we can remove building rubble such as paving flags, fence panels and bulk waste as well as garden waste. All waste that is removed from site is brought back to our yard where it is sorted into green waste, recyclable waste and finally general bulk waste. Our green waste is sent to a farm where it is composted. Our recyclable waste is taken to our local recycling centres. Anything we cannot recycle is put in a skip before being sent to landfill. As a company, we aim to reduce, re-use and recycle as much of the waste removed from site as possible. None of the waste removed from site is fly tipped.

Trimming your hedges regularly

Although in most gardens hedges take up a huge amount of space, they are often forgotten about. It is easy to put off trimming the hedges however, they can very quickly get out of control. Not only does this look messy, but the longer it is left, the harder and more expensive it becomes to tackle. Hedges look much neater from more regular trims to keep them in check and also encourage a strong, dense and healthy growth (beech being the exception- biannual pruning). As well as this, the surrounding environment becomes much easier to get at, and weeds, self-seeding trees or brambles can be taken care of much more quickly and easily. If you have let your hedges get overgrown, or just need a hand in keeping them maintained regularly, we can give you a free quote at 0161 429 0600.

Do your bit to help the environment

Composting is a no-brainer. It reduces your landfill contribution, brings lots of nutrients to the soil and most importantly, will save you money as it acts as a organic fertiliser. Composting can be done all year round however, late summer is the best time to do it so get your compost bin ready now so you can start saving. You could make a compost bin yourself or ask us to come and assemble one for you at 0161 429 0600.